Travel Info

  • Phone Numbers and Addresses

    Passenger Service Center, Public Enquiries Dept, Insurance Dept, Lost & Found Dept Contact Details
  • Schedule Information

    Use our interactive tools to plan a trip using Egged's and Egged Taavura bus routes. Here are some tips for finding information quickly and easily.
  • Semester/ Annual Student Bus Pass

    Student Semester/ Annual Pass allows free travel in and between the areas included in the profile.
  • Ticket Offices

    Bus tickets can be purchased at any ticket office or counter or from a bus driver. Monthly Pass can be purchased using a credit card and loaded onto the Rav Kav card at Jerusalem CBS, Haifa (Merkazit ha-Mifrats & Hof ha-Karmel stations), Tel Aviv and Rishon le-Tsiyon CBS
  • Luggage, Prams and Animals

    Passengers may take hand luggage free of charge if it does not disturb or hurt other passengers (bags and suitcases should be carried in luggage compartment):
  • Lost & Found

    In the event of losing property on a bus, it is recommended that you get to the terminal of that line and check whether the lost article has been found
  • Rav Kav Card

    Rav-Kav is a "smart card" which may be loaded with a travel fare contract. The smart chip in the card will adjust the fare to your personal data and will provide with the discounts you are entitled to.
  • Fares and Codes

    Conversion of Code into Fare
  • Accessibility

    Our organization promotes and provides accessibility with the assistance of Access Israel Company. We are committed to providing the highest quality of assistance and service to our customers with disabilities and let them to enjoy from full access to our assets and services.
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