Travel Info

  • Phone Numbers and Addresses

    Passenger Service Center, Public Enquiries Dept, Insurance Dept, Lost & Found Dept Contact Details
  • Schedule Information

    Use our interactive tools to plan a trip using Egged's and Egged Taavura bus routes. Here are some tips for finding information quickly and easily.
  • Semester/ Annual Student Bus Pass

    Student Semester/ Annual Pass allows free travel in and between the areas included in the profile.
  • Ticket Offices

    Bus tickets can be purchased at any ticket office or counter or from a bus driver. Monthly Pass can be purchased using a credit card and loaded onto the Rav Kav card at Jerusalem CBS, Haifa (Merkazit ha-Mifrats & Hof ha-Karmel stations), Tel Aviv and Rishon le-Tsiyon CBS
  • Luggage, Prams and Animals

    Passengers may take hand luggage free of charge if it does not disturb or hurt other passengers (bags and suitcases should be carried in luggage compartment):
  • Lost & Found

    In the event of losing property on a bus, it is recommended that you get to the terminal of that line and check whether the lost article has been found
  • Rav Kav Card

    Rav-Kav is a "smart card" which may be loaded with a travel fare contract. The smart chip in the card will adjust the fare to your personal data and will provide with the discounts you are entitled to.
  • Fares and Codes

    Conversion of Code into Fare
  • Accumulated Value

    Accumulated Value is a travel arrangement that allows charging the Rav-Kav with a monetary value. After charging the monetary value is converted into Accumulated Value units. Accumulated Value can be bought for the following amounts: 30 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 NIS.
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