Egged and Community

  • Egged and Community

    Egged places particular importance on its contribution to society and strives to promote related initiatives. As Egged’s core business is mass transportation we are trying to ensure that our contribution to the community focuses mainly on transportation and other bus supplying activities.
  • Corporate Responsibility

    Efficient public transportation plays a significant role in the company’s success. Public transportation affects many sectors of the population and it both impacts and is impacted by legislators as well as service recipients. We, at Egged, understand the importance of our role and are trying in various ways to improve the quality and comfort of service we provide
  • Egged Beged

    Egged, the “La-Sova” Association and the U.S. “Esther Ha-Malka” project volunteered to provide the answer to this increasing need and operated the project “Egged Beged” for the collection and distribution of second hand clothes for people in need.