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Advance booking

We offer you two easy ways to purchase tickets to Eilat:

Over the phone

Call our Customer Service Center at *2800 (from abroad 972-3-6948888) and book in advance to secure your seats! Advance tickets are available up to 14 days ahead of travel. All you need to do is decide when you want to travel, and book your tickets as soon as you can.

Book in advance and receive a 15% discount on the return ticket compared to paying the one way fare!

Through the website in Hebrew

Buy online (HE)

NB: passengers who have ordered tickets in advance through the website or Customer Service Center have to collect them from a self-service ticket machine called Eilatomat available at Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Rishon le-Tsiyon,  Haifa Khof ha-Karmel, Haifa Merkazit ha-Mifrats CBS, Khadera, Rekhovot, Be'er Sheva and Netanya central bus stations. Ticket should be presented upon boarding. Please ensure that you arrive at the station at least 20 minutes before your departure. Your tickets can be collected from an Eilatomat ticket machine 2 hours before boarding.   

Refunds, Amendments and Cancellations

Advance tickets may be eligible for a refund. If you decide not to use your ticket to make all or part of your intended journey, then you can apply for a refund. Once you've changed your travel plans, but you've made a booking, the options available for cancelling or changing tickets depend on the way you've bought the tickets:

  • If you've booked the tickets through the Customer Service Center  or website, you can change/cancel tickets up to 2 hours before your original departure time through the website. Click on the link below to log into your order:
    Change ticket | Cancel  ticket 
  • If you've bought the tickets from a cashier at bus station, go to the nearest bus station to make appropriate amendments

Bus routes to and from Eilat

For information on timetables and additional journeys, please refer to our Trip Planner

To Eilat

No From To NB:
390 Tel Aviv Eilat direct, via Be'er Sheva bypass | Sun, Thu
393 Rishon le-Tsiyon New CBS Eilat regular, via Nes Tsiyona, Rehovot, Gedera | Sun, Thu
393 Tel Aviv Eilat regular, via Nes Tsiyona, Rehovot, Gedera | Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
394 Tel Aviv Eilat express, via Bnei Darom, Malakhi and Be'er Sheva bypass
397 Be'er Sheva Eilat via Dimona
399 Hadera Eilat via Netanya, Bnei Darom Junction, Malakhi Junction and Be'er Sheva bypass | Wed, Thu, Sat
444 Jerusalem Eilat via the Dead Sea
991 Haifa, Khof ha-Karmel Eilat regular, via Hadera and Netanya
993 Haifa, Merkazit ha-Mifrats Eilat direct, via highway 6 and Be'er Sheva bypass | Wed, Sat


From Eilat:

No. From To NB:
390 Eilat Tel Aviv direct, via Be'er Sheva | Sun, Thu
393 Eilat Tel Aviv regular, via Gedera, Rehovot, Nes Tsiyona and the center of Rishon le-Tsiyon
393 Eilat Rishon le-Tsiyon regular, via Gedera, Rehovot, Nes Tsiyona and Rishon le-Tsiyon new CBS | Sat
394 Eilat Tel Aviv express, via Be'er Sheva bypass, Bnei Darom Junction, Malakhi Junction
397 Eilat Be'er Sheva regular, via Dimona
444 Eilat Jerusalem express, via the Dead Sea
991 Eilat Haifa, Khof ha-Karmel regular, via Khadera and Netanya 


NB: to get to Hadera/Netanya from Eilat, take bus No.991 from Eilat CBS to Haifa, Merkazit Hof ha-Karmel. To get to Dimona from Eilat, take bus No.397 (Eilat - Be'er Sheva) or No.394 (Eilat- Tel Aviv)


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