Monthly, Weekly, Day Pass

Updated Date  02.04.2019

As of the 1st of January 2016 users of public transport will enjoy a new, simpler and better value pricing method. The new method will apply to all modes of public transport throughout the metropolitan area, including any mode combination!

Load, Combine, Ride, Save

Till now, travel on the various modes of public transport (bus, metrobus, train, light rail) meant paying separately for each mode, depending on your point of departure and destination. From January 1st 2016, you can load your Rav Kav card with the great value “Travel Pass”, which includes bus, rail, metrobus and light rail, and enjoy seamless travel on all these transport modes (separately or combined) within the limits of the metropolitan area you have selected.

Start Thinking “Metropolis”, Not “Destination”

The new method divides the public transport map into four metropolitan areas: Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva. Within each metropolitan area there are three “bands” marking the metropolitan center and outer areas. From January 1st, according to the pass you purchase you’ll be able to travel within the metropolitan boundary and combine different modes of transport.

A Variety of New Pass Options at Attractive Prices

You can choose between a daily, weekly or monthly pass that includes all modes of public transport within the selected metropolitan area , allowing you to enjoy more destinations and travel options - at a cheaper price!

Your Rav Kav Card is Your Ticket to Loading a “Travel Pass”

Using your existing Rav Kav card, you’ll be able to load the “travel pass” of your choice, and even enjoy discounts where applicable. The best in accessibility, safety and convenience!

What travel pass should I choose?

You can pick the most suitable travel pass for you, by choosing the one, that covers all your desired destinations, using the Ministry of transport website.