Egged in The Netherlands

Public transport in The Netherlands is considered one of the best, most advanced and reliable in the world, thanks to long term planning, national commitment to excellent service and strictly enforced transit standards.

Egged Europe entered the Dutch market in 2011 after it had won the bid to provide public transit services to the Waterland region in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Since then, Egged has expanded its activities to two additional areas: The Voorne-Putten region (south of Rotterdam) and the Haaglanden region surrounding Hague.

EBS customers are satisfied

Egged Europe's activity in The Netherlands is concentrated in EBS. The company is considered a leader in The Netherlands, and even more so, the annual Dutch government survey which examines the level of satisfaction of passengers determines year after year that EBS passengers enjoy the highest level of service among public transit operators in The Netherlands.
The company employs around 1,000 people and manages a fleet of 400 buses that drive almost 22 million miles each year.
Providing excellent service to passengers is the EBS HOLLAND motto, while it also aspires to promote green public transport that contributes to the environment.

Smart public transit lab

The Netherlands promotes smart public transit, intending to turn it into the choice of passengers on the one hand and to preserve environmental values on the other.
It therefore examines and promotes models of alternative energy use, reducing emissions of pollutants, and more.

The Netherlands travels green!

EBS won several significant bids, making it one of the country's greenest public transit operators, including:
  • Operating 53 buses fueled by natural gas (CNG)
  • Operating 93 hybrid buses fueled by natural gas (CNG)
  • Operating 33 electric buses using high-speed charging technology
The Egged Europe activity in the world's leading country in the field of green public transit lets the group enjoy advanced and fruitful learning about modern public transit, and to draw conclusions which will be implemented in Israel's public transit sector.

Did you know?

Next time you're in Amsterdam or at any of the tourist destinations in The Netherlands, look for the EBS buses because in The Netherlands too, it's better when Egged is at the steering wheel.
Click here to read more in Dutch and to go to the EBS website.

Facts and figures

  • Activities in two EU Member States - The Netherlands and Poland
  • Two subsidiaries: Mobilis and EBS
  • A fleet of 650 buses, 240 of which are green buses.
  • 1,700 employees in the two countries combined
  • 12.5 million miles in Poland every year
  • 21.7 million miles in The Netherlands every year