Transportation from Ovda Airport to Eilat and back

Egged's direct bus route No.282 will take you from Ovda airport to Eilat hotels without intermediate stops!



You can buy a ticket from the driver (cash only, in nis.) or at Ovda airport, next to a baggage carousel at special point (payment by credit card or by cash in nis. only)

  • Please, arrive at the stop at least 20 minutes prior your boarding time.



Bus No.282 timetable is synchronized with all flight arrivals/departures, including Saturday

Arrivals: the bus will depart 60 minutes following the actual airplane landing in the airport.
Please note: changes in the airplane landing times will bring about corresponding changes in the bus departure times.

: the bus will leave the Taba Border Crossing for Ovda Airport 3.5 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure.
Please note: changes in the airplane departure times will bring about corresponding changes in the bus departure times from the bus terminal and intermediate stops.

Detailed information on the bus schedule changes following arrival/departure time changes can be obtained shortly before the planned flight or ride by phone from:
Eilat Information Service: +972-3-9143711, +972-3-9143712
Opening hours: Sun. - Thu., 08:00 to 18:00

Information can also be obtained from the Customer Service Center by phone:
Opening Days
Opening Hours
Information about routes and schedule
Lost & Founds; Insurance; Reservations
Sunday - Friday
From 05:00 AM till 01:00
(1 hour after midnight)
06:00 - 23:00
Friday/Jewish holiday evening From 05:00 - 15:30
08:00 - 15:00
Saturday/Jewish holiday
60 minutes upon the conclusion of Sabbath / holiday till 01:00 (1 hour after midnight
60 minutes upon the conclusion of Sabbath / holiday till 23:00
Customer Service Center. Dial *2800 or +972-3-6948888 Fax: +972-3-9141988

On April 6 2018, 'Second Passover' the Customer Service Center *2800 is closed.
On April 5, Second Passover Eve, the Customer Service Center *2800 works as on Friday.

Bus Stops

#From Ovda Airport to Eilat From Eilat (Taba Crossing Point) to Ovda Airport 
 1Ovda AirportTaba Crossing Point
 2Sderot Ha-Tmarim/Eilat Central Bus StationDereh Mitsrayim/Isrotel Princess Hotel
 3Tarshish St/Dan Panorama HotelDereh Mitsrayim/Migdalor Beach
 4Tarshish St/Bell HotelDereh Mitsrayim/The Underwater Observatory Marine Park
 5Kampen St/Durban StDereh Mitsrayim/Sadeh School
 6Kamen St/Arika StDereh Mitsrayim/The Village Beach
 7Kampen St/Sports FieldDereh Mitsrayim/Almog Beach
 8Herods HotelDereh Mitsrayim/Negev Camel Ranch
 9Ha-Yam St/Antibes StDereh Mitsrayim/Dolphin Reef Eilat
 10Kampen St/Arika StDereh Mitsrayim/Port, Southern Gate
 11Mall Ha-Yam Shopping CenterDereh Mitsrayim/Port, Northern Gate
 12Dereh Ha-Arava/Durban StDereh Mitsrayim/Ha-Dekel Beach
 13Dereh Mitsrayim/The NavyDereh Mitsrayim/The Navy
 14Dereh Mitsrayim/Ha-Dekel BeachDereh Ha-Arava/Durban St
 15Dereh Mitsrayim/Port Northern GateMall Ha-Yam Shopping Center
 16Dereh Mitsrayim/Port Southern GateKampen St/Arika St
 17Dereh Mitsrayim/Dolphin Reef EilatHa-Yam St/Antibes St
 18Dereh Mitsrayim/Negev Camel RanchHerods Hotel
 19Dereh Mitsrayim/Almog BeachKampen St/Sports Field
 20Dereh Mitsrayim/The Village BeachKamen St/Arika St
 21Dereh Mitsrayim/Sadeh SchoolKampen St/Durban St
 22Dereh Mitsrayim/The Underwater Observatory Marine ParkTarshish St/Bell Hotel
 23Dereh Mitsrayim/Migdalor BeachTarshish St/Dan Panorama Hotel
 24Dereh Mitsrayim/Isrotel Princess HotelSderot Ha-Tmarim/Eilat Central Bus Station
 25Taba Crossing Point Ovda Airport
Service Route 282. Bus Stops