About Us

  • Who Are We?

    The Egged, Israel transport Cooperative society ltd, was established in 1933 when four public transportation companies were merged into one. Egged operates 48% of the country’s public transportation service lines. The service lines are divided into three operating areas – Northern, Southern and Jerusalem.
  • Subsidiary Companies

    Egged has a number of subsidiary companies – ‘Egged Taavura’, ‘Egged Tours’, ‘Egged Holding’, Egged Heseim
  • Safety

    Besides the legal obligations imposed by the transportation regulations, the Safety Department initiates driver knowledge and professional proficiency improvement activities in order
  • Corporate Responsibility

    Efficient public transportation plays a significant role in the company’s success. Public transportation affects many sectors of the population and it both impacts and is impacted by legislators as well as service recipients. We, at Egged, understand the importance of our role and are trying in various ways to improve the quality and comfort of service we provide
  • Bus Driver Opportunities

    Working as a full-time bus driver, you’ll enjoy flexible hours, job security, full training and competitive pay with applicable penalty rates and allowances. If you have a bus license and you are highly motivated and interested in working as a bus driver, contact us
  • Service Level Agreement