Privacy Policy

Updated Date  12.04.2018

The aim of this document is to present to the User of the various Egged sites and services what is Egged’s Personal Information Privacy Policy

This document is translation of Privacy Policy in English. In case of conflict between the Hebrew version of Privacy Policy and this translation - only the Hebrew version of Privacy Policy is legally binding. The Hebrew version of Privacy Policy can be found here:מאמר-15251-מדיניות-פרטיות.aspx

1.1. Personal information and/or personal details collected by Egged as part of the use of the website and/ or when making a reservation or purchase of any kind, is the information provided by the User, who is requested to ensure true and sufficient information. Any misprints and errors in the order can prevent the User from receiving the ordered items.

1.2. The various types of information will be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, and will be used in accordance with the provisions of this section and/or according to the provisions of any law, and/or instructions of the Ministry of Justice's Privacy Protection Authority.

1.3. Egged invests considerable resources and makes efforts to protect the integrity and the security of the information. The User is requested not to use tools that violate the laws of privacy protection and/or harm the security of the site and/or harm third parties. Egged will make considerable efforts to protect the privacy of the User, in accordance with the its knowledge and means.

1.4. In addition, as specified in the Terms of Use agreement, credit cards clearing for the orders made via our website are performed through the Egged’s clearing supplier who does not keep User’s credit card details provided by the Egged’s site and services.

1.5. Some of the services require pre-registration and various details about the User and/or third parties for whom services or travel cards are purchased. Delivery of these details is performed of the user's free will and with his consent, during the surfing. For those who do not wish to submit their details, there are various purchasing options, through the Egged funds, contacting the customer service center, and more.

1.6. Egged may use the information you provide on the site, and the collected information about the patterns of use, in order to improve the services on the site and/or in order to contact you if necessary, subject to the provisions of the law, or for analysis and delivery of statistical information to third parties. Such third parties and/or their employees and/or anyone acting on their behalf are prohibited from using this personal information for any other purpose, except as stated in this section above.

1.7. Egged’ sites and services use cookies and similar technologies. In general, these technologies are used to collect statistical data as well for data security purposes; by collecting information such as gender, age and interests we are aiming to improve the service provided to visitors and let users navigate between pages efficiently. We use cookies as part of Google's privacy guidelines as applicable.

1.10. Egged is not responsible for the terms of use and/or the privacy policy of other Internet sites, including those appearing in references linked to its websites, their contents and any related or consequential use thereof. Your use of links to other Web sites and/or the use of other sites is at your own risk.

1.11. You may contact Egged in order to receive the information appearing on Egged's databases and/or request to delete the various data appearing in Egged's databases.

Egged wishes to bring to your attention that it operates in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Transport regarding privacy protection, subject to the provisions of the law and the Privacy Protection Authority.