About Egged Travel and Tour

Egged Tourism and Travel is a subsidiary of Egged and a veteran leader in Israel's tourism and travel sector. The company operates a fleet of 400 buses and minibuses, while it employs 430 drivers, instructors and tour guides, producers and more.

Content, service and logistic strength

Egged Tourism and Travel enjoys the advantages of the group's extensive experience, its organizational strength and the professional service given by its staff.
The company provides encompassing services that include bus renting, tourist services, preparing content programs for a variety of audiences. These all combine into a competitive, quality service which is available across Israel.

A medley of services customized for target audiences:

Egged Tourism and Travel has been operating for many years, servicing a wide range of audiences, customizing its services and products to meet the unique needs of each audience.

Various services for a range of clients:

Businesses, corporations and organizations, all enjoy our transit services, the professional recreational and social activities we produce, our honed organizing skills and our hospitality services for foreign visitors.
The education system has been enjoying the content programs, annual school trips and camping trips for children of all ages for the past 50 years, created and run by our specialized department.
Internal and external touring services, including marketing vacations and flights in Israel and abroad, organized touring services and arranging and operating group tours in Israel and overseas.
Private customers enjoy our bus rental services, customized tourist services and hospitalization services for foreign visitors.

Facts and Figures

  • 850 employees 400 qualified drivers
  • 350 buses
  • 130 minibuses
  • 6 branches across Israel
  • Thousands of employees use the transit services of Egged Tourism and Travel
  • Hundreds of thousands of students learn and have fun on Egged's annual school trips