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Updated Date  28.07.2019

The Egged Group

About Egged Group

Egged is Israel's leading public transit company, and one of the world's largest operators. The Egged Group employs 9,000 people in Israel and around the world. It has annual revenue turnover of nearly US$ 1.13 billion.
In recent years, Egged expanded its activities significantly, both in public transit and interfacing areas.

Egged is currently actively leading the market in the following areas:
  • Operating public transit clusters in and around Israel
  • Providing maintenance, distribution and production services for the bus industry
  • Operating public transit services in Europe 
  • Transportation and tourism 
  • Building and operating the Red Line for the Tel Aviv LRT system
  • Research, development and establishment of smart transit networks and ride-on-demand solutions
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Almost one million passengers every day
Egged buses bite nearly 35% of the market share in Israel's transit industry
Nearly 4,000 Egged buses transport nearly one million passengers, traveling a distance of roughly 622 thousand miles every day.

EGGED, by: Hayim Nahman Bialik A quick look to the past
Egged was originally established by the coalition of four small companies early in the 1930s. After Israel's Declaration of Independence, Egged merged with two additional bus operators to form a new cooperative under the acronym ESD, which eventually changed to Egged, following the recommendation of Israel's national poet, Hayim Nahman Bialik, who coined the name Egged when it first incorporated in 1933.
A name which has become synonymous over the years with the word bus in Israel.

Vision and values

Public transit is an inseparable part of national infrastructure, and its contribution to personal and national economic and social growth is priceless.


Egged, whose roots strongly interlace with Israel's history, is committed to providing the best quality public transit services to Israel's residents and visitors. We are committed to passenger comfort and safety everywhere, and anywhere our buses go to and from.


We are proud to spearhead the public transit industry and are obligated to continue to develop the service level to passengers; to continuously pursue national goals for increased public transit use; and to diversify the transit methods currently available to passengers, including light train operation and smart transit solutions.


We believe public transport dramatically affects the environment, which is why we aim to improve energy consumption, decrease our ecological footprint, and keep the environment safe, healthy, and clean.

90 years and counting

The first buses
Born almost 90 years ago, its first buses were British delivery trucks that were transformed into passenger carriers, by installing benches in the back of the trucks. The security challenges and defective unpaved roads were effective catalysts in the formation of the future cooperative.

The drivers were active partners in the establishment of the State of Israel, protecting their passengers in armored trucks and later buses on route to their destiny.
Over the years, all the transit operators in Israel united under the Egged cooperative, which was often thought to be Israel's national bus company.

Sometime in the 1990s, with a mind to create competition, the Ministry of Transport made requests for proposals to operate parts of the Egged lines. The cooperative utilized the Ministry's reform to improve and penetrate interfacing areas in the public transit industry, including the added activity overseas and the leap into Israel's light rail sector.

Expanding operations
In 2010, the cooperative established Egged Europe, which is currently operating public transit services in Poland and The Netherlands. Egged uses its activity in Europe not only to leverage its business, but also to expose the group and its executive leadership to public transit practices in Europe, giving it the added value of experience gained overseas, which it will later develop and implement in Israel.

At the turn of the present century, Egged decided to penetrate the light rail transit industry in Israel, to expand its activity in mass transit services and reinforce its position as a national leader. Tevel Metro was established for this purpose, after it participated and won the bid to operate the Red Line in the Tel Aviv metropolis.

Innovating public transit
In 2018, Egged completed a reorganization process designed to improve productivity and professionalism, expand to interfacing activities and enhance the group's profitability.
The process included restructuring the public transit system into five operational clusters and divisions, opening group service centers, the production plant and the logistic center for other companies that own and operate buses in Israel.
The maintenance division has accumulated nearly 1,000 customers since the completion of the process, and has become an authorized service provider for some of Israel's leading bus importers.

Egged's corporate change
In 2019, Egged's title was formally changed from cooperative to company, to be able to introduce a substantial investor into the company, to expand its activities throughout its channels.

Egged career

Preferred employer in the public transit industry
The Egged group employs 6,500 people, of whom, 4,500 are professional bus drivers. Egged aspires to continue to be the preferred employer in the public transit sector in Israel. Therefore, Egged is investing considerable resources in the recruitment, training and employment of professional drivers.
The benefits of being an Egged bus driver include:
  • Complete professional training
  • A career track modified for the driver's wishes and needs
  • Higher wages by 20% of the market average 
  • Incentives to promote performance and seniority
  • Fringe benefits, including: seniority bonuses and contributions to a pension fund and study fund
  • Welfare and enhancement programs
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Egged Lightrail Trains

Egged is considered to be a meaningful leader in Israel's public transit sector, and is committed to taking an active part in the development of infrastructure and public transit methods in Israel. The group took a leap of integration into the LRT and Metro sectors in Israel's main cities – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Egged comes with almost a century of intimate knowledge and experience with the Israeli passenger, the roads and routes that map Israel, the local authorities and the regulator - the Ministry of Transport.

Tevel Metro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Egged, formed with international giant corporations – Shenzhen Metro and CCECC from China. Tevel Metro aims to mesh into and lead Israel's national light rail sector.
Tevel won the Red Line operation bid in 2017, through which it will be in charge of the Red Line operational system for a period of ten years from the line's launch date, with an option for a 6-year extension. The proposal also states that Tevel Metro will be allocated five years for organization before the expected commencement date of operations in 2021. The entire project is valued at nearly US$ 4.25 billion, spread over 15 years.

Tevel is also participating in other light rail bids in Israel, such as:
  • The Jerusalem JNET bid – Tevel is competing with another company on the operation of the Jerusalem Red Line, and establishment and operation of the city's Green Line.
  • The Haifa metropolis light rail management bid, to connect between Haifa and Nof Hagalil (formerly Nazareth Illit).

Ride-on-demand service

 Egged is proud to present: TikTak, public transportation on demand in Haifa and Jerusalem. Egged operates public transport on-demand services, as a part of a national pilot led by the ministry of transportation. Egged's application users will now be able to enjoy costumed rideshare services to various destinations in Haifa and Jerusalem from 06:00 to 20:00, at an attractive price, starting at 10 NIS per passenger.

The rideshare services include major destinations such as universities, business centers, and culture and leisure attractions.TikTak service is available at Haifa and will be available in Jerusalem in the coming months.

Download, register, ride

Tiktak service is user-friendly and intuitive: download the Egged application on AppStore or Google Play, register, and supply debit information.
After completing the registration, all you need to do in enter the egged application and provide your origin and destination. The application will indicate if you can enjoy Tiktak rideshare. Please choose the TikTak option and get information regarding the pickup location, time, and the vehicle number.  All TikTak new vehicles are fully equipped and accessible.
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Eco friendly group

Public transit has an important positive effect on the environment: it can replace private car travel, thereby alleviating traffic congestions and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

As the leader of the public transit industry in Israel, Egged plans to improve and expand its contribution to the environment, which is why the company is investing substantial resources, estimated at roughly US$ 1.55 million every year.
Egged is active in the following areas, intending to contribute to a cleaner environment:

Expanding its electric bus fleet
In recent years, Egged imported electric buses, which have been assimilated into its fleet and are already operational in and around the Haifa metropolis area and in Jerusalem. Egged is getting ready to absorb dozens of additional electric buses, to help minimize gas and diesel oil use. E-buses have proven to be the most efficient green energy users which reduce carbon emissions and soot.

Energy saving systems installation
Some of the buses in Egged’s fleet are equipped with the TRAFFILOG system that helps save up to 2.5% on gas consumption, and prevents wear and tear of the vehicles.

Alternative energy
The group is looking for additional options for alternative energy use, such as incorporating hybrid buses, using bio-energy and so forth.

Air pollution reduction Egged is successfully meeting the air pollution reduction targets set forth in the Ministry of Environmental Protection directives, the different regulations and by-laws, and it is also acting to fulfill all other conditions prescribed by law.
Egged is committed to continuing to equip its fleet with alternative ignition systems that contribute to reducing pollution.
Egged drivers receive professional training for economical and smart driving that helps improve the quality of air.

Using hazardous materials and fuels
Egged continuously fulfills the provisions for hazardous materials storage, use and waste. The group has permits under the Hazardous Substances Law, for a variety of toxins which are required for its operation, and it acts in compliance with their conditions and their renewal upon expiration.
As required by the Water Regulations, Egged conducts a strict process for checking the sealing of its underground gas tanks and pipelines at all of its internal gas stations, fully cooperating with the Ministry of Environmental Protection in the matter.

Radiation control
To be able to operate the electric bus fleet, Egged established and operates a lot with charging docks for buses at the Kiryat Haim parking lot. The group received a permit for operation of a radiation source from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and is acting to comply with its conditions.

Wastewater management and recycling
Egged follows strict actions for the treatment and drainage of industrial wastewater, to prevent contamination of the environment and groundwater sources. A wastewater recycling system is installed in bus washing facilities to save water and prevent water seeping into the sewage.

Soil and groundwater contamination
Nearly a decade ago, Egged started conducting soil and groundwater contamination surveys in its facilities, as required by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and as part of its preparations to evacuate some facilities. The soil survey and the quality control procedures are performed regularly and they help improve both soil improvement and ongoing operation levels.

Waste management and recycling
Egged manages and operates an essential system for recycling waste and preventing pollution, including: recycling oil and tires, vehicle scrapping and recycling metal and steel, as well as handling paper waste and electronic waste

Facts and figures

Egged in Israel
  • Driving nearly one million passengers every day in Israel
  • Our buses travel almost 622 thousand miles every day 
  • The bus fleet in Israel includes over 3,000 buses 
  • Egged employs around 6,000 people in Israel 
  • 33% of the bus passenger population in Israel enjoy traveling with Egged
  • Egged manages 16 service centers in Israel, a production plant and a logistics center
  • 1,000 clients enjoy the company's maintenance, production and distribution services
  • Egged will operate the Tel Aviv Red Line
Egged worldwide
  • Egged operates bus transit services in The Netherlands and Poland
  • The company employs 3,000 people around the world
  • The fleet boasts 900 buses globally, 200 of which are electric buses 
  • Every year, Egged travels roughly 13 million miles through Poland and 35 million miles through The Netherlands.