Tax invoices for Egged tickets are now available

Updated Date  04.07.2019

It is now possible to receive a tax invoice for ticket purchases and charging a Rav-Kav card by one of these means:

  • Send your request to this email box -
  • Or to this postal address: Egged transportation LTD, mailbox 150, Beit Dagan 5025002, clients relationship department, Boaz Gadelin.
Please provide the original receipt, the full name of the passenger and passport or company ID number that will appear in the invoice.
Also, please provide the Rav-Kav card number, that was used.
We will be happy to assist you with any questions at this phone number: 972-3-9142441, on Sun-Wen, between 8:30 and 14:00.
The invoices will be provided only if you purchased from:
  • directly from Egged driver
  • from Egged service point
  • from Egged Al-Ha-Kav ticketing machine
  • from Egged automatic Rav-Kav chargers.
In any other cases, like purchasing from Rav-Kav online, Hop-on, or any other internet service, application or non-Egged ticketing machines - please refer to the company you purchased your ticket from. Egged is not responsible for those purchases.