About Egged Tech department

The Egged Group Tech department enjoys the accumulated experience of over eight decades of maintenance services to one of the world's largest bus fleets. The maintenance department's activities include:

The maintenance department's activities include:
  • 16 bus service centers
  • 5 bus service units
  • A production plant for spare parts, systems repair and tires vulcanization
  • A logistics network that includes a national logistics center and regional, country-wide warehouses.
The department employs nearly 700 experts and professional in a variety of areas, providing services to about 1,000 clients, including: China Motors, Golden Bus Services, Dan Badarom, Metropolin and others.

Professionalism, service and pricing

The maintenance department's vision is to be a leading national center of knowledge and services for the public transit sector. It wishes to become the preferred supplier for all players in the public transit sector, while maintaining competitive pricing and providing excellent service.

To accomplish this, the maintenance department invests great efforts in scouting for the right workforce and providing training for the public transit arena.
The division's training department conducts training programs, with a 25% participation rate among the division's employees, in a variety of areas, including: mechanics, autotronics, electricity, AC, chassis and more.
Training programs are available in Israel and abroad.

In-house department turned into a profit center

In 2017, the Egged maintenance department began applying a program that turned its in-house activities into a profit center. As of the end of 2018 the divisions contribution to the group's income amounted to dozens of millions NIS, expanded its scope of services to distribution and logistic solutions, and increased the service center's client base.
The division's targets are to continue to increase its activity and customer base.

Division Management

Zohar Arye – Maintenance Division Manager
Ohad Danin – Maintenance Division Deputy Manager

Facts and figures

  • A logistics center extending over 75,347 sq. ft
  • Approximately 21,000 items in the logistics center, accommodating about 31 manufacturers and nearly 76 models
  • A distribution network providing services to thousands of clients 
  • A plant facility that produces and renovates thousands of products every year (250 engines, 450 gearboxes, 250 axles, 1,800 tachometers, 1,000 driver seats and more)
  • Nearly 9,000 vulcanized tires every year 
  • 16 service centers across the country
  • A 24/7 bus rescue and hauling service
  • 700 professionals*
  • 1,000 customers*

* Estimations