About Egged Europe

Egged Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Egged Group, operating public transit services in The Netherlands and Poland.

The Egged Group decided to expand its operations to the European markets in 2006 with intent to expand the Group's activities overseas, while benefiting from the knowledge accumulated in Israel and abroad, to ultimately provide public transit services at international standard level to passengers in Israel and Europe.


Egged Europe began operations in Poland in 2007, and it currently operates public transit services in Warsaw and Krakow through its subsidiary Mobilis.

The Mobilis Poland bus fleet includes about 250 buses, of which 66 are hybrid buses that make trips that amount to 12.5 million miles a year in the two most important cities in Poland.


Egged Europe entered the Dutch market in 2011, under the auspices of the EBS brand name. The company manages a fleet of about 400 buses, of which 53 are gas-powered buses (CNG), 93 gas-powered hybrid buses (CNG) and 33 electric buses with high-speed charging technology. EBS buses travel almost 22 million miles each year.


Egged Europe is considering entering other European countries.

Facts and figures

  • Activities in two EU Member States - The Netherlands and Poland
  • Two subsidiaries: Mobilis and EBS
  • A fleet of 650 buses, 240 of which are green buses.
  • 1,700 employees in the two countries combined
  • 12.5 million miles in Poland every year
  • 21.7 million miles in The Netherlands every year