Updated Date  29.06.2021

Egged is actively involved in reducing the number of buses involved in road accidents.

Egged is actively involved in reducing the number of buses involved in road accidents. Besides the legal obligations imposed by the transportation regulations, the Safety Department initiates driver knowledge and professional proficiency improvement activities in order to increase the safety of travel on Egged buses. We are
striving to improve and upgrade the level of passenger safety in addition to instilling driving habits that meet the criteria set for all Egged drivers. During the past few years the drivers of the Egged buses were not directly responsible for 80% of the fatal accidents in which they were involved.


Basic Driver Training

An Egged Driving School training course is a mandatory precondition for anyone requesting to become an Egged driver, regardless of whether they possess a bus driving license at the time of their application. Upon conclusion of the training the driver receives a comprehensive and detailed briefing from the safety department regarding the regulations, procedures and instructions that obligate all Egged drivers. In addition, a safety file is opened for each driver; this file will contain the driver’s driving related incidents that occur during the period of employment as an Egged driver.


Safety Department

The safety department is involved in providing explanations, guidance and counseling for Egged drivers, especially for new drivers at the start of their employment, about all professionally related issues that affect them in their daily work. Updated information on significant changes, transportation regulations, new procedures etc. is circulated and distributed to the drivers. It is mandatory for all drivers who return to the driver’s seat after a long absence to first report to the Safety
Department for a refresher briefing on all the relevant issues. All safety complaints received by Egged are handled by the Safety Department. If the driver’s driving manner is not in line with the traffic regulations and obligatory Egged safety precautions, the department takes explanatory steps, or if deemed necessary, the driver either undergoes professional refresher training conducted by the safety department or faces punitive measures.


Undercover Driver Tracking

Besides regular training and qualifications, Egged undercover units are used to track the buses. The undercover tracking is conducted by safety department personnel disguised as passengers who prepare a detailed report on all matters concerning the drivers driving manner and handling. In addition, the department operates safety patrol cars equipped with a driver tracking and documentation system that enables them to track the bus and document important incidents by video, such as speed, safe driving distances, driving in the correct lane, safe overtaking etc. The driver is summoned to the safety department for clarification when an infringement has been recorded and, depending on the severity of the infringement, the findings may be forwarded to Egged’s disciplinary committee. In the case of serious offences the driver is sent to the Egged Driving School for refresher training. The safety department continues to track and examine drivers with infringements to verify their degree of practical refresher training implementation.


Safety Training

In its efforts to minimize road accidents Egged conducts annual refresher courses that deal with safe and correct driving methods. The safety training, which refreshes the driver’s knowledge of the specific Egged procedures, is intended mainly for drivers involved in road accidents or in safety-related events during which they violated a safety driving procedure. The refresher courses are conducted on a quarterly basis and take place in each of Egged’s operating areas: Jerusalem,
North and South. 25 drivers participate in each training cycle with a total of 200 annual participants.