Children, Youth and Pupils

Updated Date  12.12.2019

Benefits and eligibility

Children Under the Age of 5

  • One child under five can travel for free when accompanied by paying adult.
  • Second child under the age of 5 will be charged a child fare. He/she has to possess a personal Rav Kav card with a "child" profile loaded on it. In case there is none, the full fare will be charged, using the parent's Rav Kav card accumulated value.
  • Children under the age 5 traveling in organized group (6 or more) will be charged a child fare each.
  • A child under the age of 5 joining a passenger at an intermediate stop will be charged a child fare.
  • An adult traveling with two children under five, one of whom is in a stroller, will be charged one adult and one child fare (under the age of 5)

Children between 5 -10 and youths under 18

  • Children aged between 5-10 and youths under 18 or at the end of 12th grade, whichever is later, are entitled to a 50% discount with the Rav Kav Card charged with accumulated value, except for code 61 Dimona and code 62 Jerusalem, in accordance with the table of fares and discounts.