Updated Date  11.01.2021

Reservists presenting a travel coupon allowed to travel free of charge

Reservist Travel Coupon

The Reservist Travel Coupon consists of two parts. The upper part contains soldier’s personal details, date of conscription, departure and destination points. The bottom part of coupon includes perforations for four tear off stubs. One stub to be used by Egged, and three others - by other public transport operators.


How to use?

The Travel Coupon must be presented to driver when boarding. The driver will tear off the Egged's part and provide the reservist with IDF voucher. The Travel Coupon and IDF voucher must be carried together until the end of ride.
  • The Travel Coupon is valid when attached to Reservist Card or Call - Up order
  • The Travel Coupon is valid in accordance with date, departure and destination points specified on it.
  • The Travel Coupon is valid in accordance with direction specified on it. 
  • Travel Coupon with unclear details shall not be accepted
  • Erasures or amendments require an additional stamp and signature of town major or unit commander
  • Coupons without  upper part shall not be accepted
  • "Malshab" Coupon is valid without presenting a Soldier Card