Luggage, Prams and Animals

Updated Date  14.11.2021

Charges for Extra Luggage

Free of Charge

Passengers may take hand luggage free of charge, according to the list below, if it does not disturb or hurt other passengers (bags and suitcases should be carried in luggage compartment):
  • A bag, suitcase or rucksack
  • Handheld luggage such as music instruments, packages, boxes, sacks, etc., with dimensions not exceeding 60 x 90 x 30 cm
  • Narrow luggage such as a wooden pole if its length does not exceed one meter
  • Bicycles on inter-city buses (must be carried in luggage compartment), depending on space availability
  • Bicycles on city buses (must be folded and bugged)
  • Surfboard may be carried only in a luggage compartment, depending on space availability


Charges for Extra Luggage

Passengers have to pay a ticket fare if the luggage exceeds the aforesaid dimensions. Charges for an extra luggage depend on price code:
  • On routes up to code 4 - a single ticket fare will be paid for an extra luggage
  • On routes above code 4 - 50% on single ticket fare (but not less than price code 4) will be paid for an extra luggage


Traveling with Children's Prams, Strollers and Buggies

  • There will be no charges for children prams, strollers and buggies

Using a wheelchair or mobility scooter on bus

Persons with reduced mobility who wish to take their wheelchair or mobility scooter on our city bus services may use the rear door ramp if the dimensions of wheelchair or scooter do not exceed 75 cms (width), 120 cms (depth) and 130 kgs (weight)

Transportation of Bicycles and Surfboards

Baggage Type
Intercity Bus
City Bus
 Passenger Compartment
Baggage Compartment
 Passenger Compartment
Folding Bicycle  not allowed  free of charge  free of charge
Regular Bicycle not allowed  free of charge  not allowed
Surfboard  not allowed  free of charge  not allowed
N.B surfboards and bicycles may be carried in a baggage compartment, depending on space availability 
Transportation of bicycles and surfboards


Traveling with Pets

Customers are welcome aboard buses with their animal or pet, according to some rules:
  • Guide dogs accompanying blind persons if they are kept on a leash. Guide dogs are allowed to travel on public transportation without a muzzle
  • Guide dogs during their training period will not be charged if they board with an instructor. Dogs must wear the vest  “Guide dog in training” (כלב נחיה באימון). Dog's instructor will be charged full fare
  • Dogs, cats, or other small animals, capable of being carried on a passenger’s knee muzzled and on a leash, pets inside a box or a basket if they do not prove to be a nuisance or cause inconvenience to passengers
  • Animals not capable of being carried on a passenger’s knee are not allowed on buses
  • Service dogs are allowed to travel on a leash without a muzzle, the dog must be provided with an appropriate certificate, given by a "dog school" or "Israeli center of service dogs".

Are there charges for animals?

There is no charge for animals if their owners meets the conditions described in above section