Bus Driver Opportunities

Updated Date  25.01.2018

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Bus drivers, do you want to earn 43.5 NIS per hour?

    Employment terms (as of June 2018):
  • NIS 43.5 per hour base pay
  • NIS 54 per hour for night shift work 20:00 - till 6:00 (125%)
  • NIS 87 per hour for Sabbath & Holidays (200%)
  • NIS 97 per hour for shift work after conclusion of Sabbath 20:00 - till 4:00 (225%)
  • 1% annual pay raise after six years of work
  • Public sector wage linkage- as of 2021
  • Monthly wage incentives
  • Quarterly excellence bonus
  • Recuperation pay from the first working day!
  • After 3 years, tenure is received: Professional training fund,"Keren Hishtalmut", for employees (75% of the employer's contribution); health insurance and dental insurance at a subsidized price for employee and his/her family.
  • Option for "slip shifts"
  • Option for part time job
  • Free travel on Egged lines

Follow the link to contact Egged HR department:

For more information and interview please contact

National HR Dept: *2800 | email jobs@egged.co.il
Jerusalem Region: *2800 | Fax 02-5304890 | email  jobsjerusalem@egged.co.il
Haifa & North Region: *2800 | Fax 03-9141923 | email jobszafon@egged.co.il
South Region, Center & Ha-Sharon Region: *2800 | email EliH@Egged.co.il (only for those holding a Class D license)


To become a bus driver and how to apply

If you have a C-class (car) driver's licence and want to work as a bus driver, join Egged Driving School. The traineeship paid by a student and partially compensated by Egged if a student completed the traineeship and offered a position.

For more information on traineeship at Egged Driving School contact school branch nearest to you