Updated Date  21.01.2021

Our organization promotes and provides accessibility with the assistance of Access Israel Company. We are committed to providing the highest quality of assistance and service to our customers with disabilities and let them to enjoy from full access to our assets and services.

Customer Service Center *2800

You can contact our Customer Service Center  by:
  • Telephone - *2800;  +972-3-6948888
  • Fax  +972 -3-9141988
  • Email   *Use this contact for enquiries related to accessibility only. All questions and problems related to a ticket reservation process at our site, as well as general enuiries and feedback, please submit through Feedback form.

And you will be answered and informed of any progress via your preferred communication channel – or if you don't specify, we'll contact you by the same channel that you initially contacted us.  Also, you can contact our Customer Service Center, indicate the bus route number you want to use and at what time, and the Center will provide you with information concerning the level of accessibility.

Opening Days
Opening Hours
Information about routes and schedule

Sunday - Friday
From 04:00 AM till 02:00
(2 hours after midnight)
Be advised that during the night between Sunday 2.2 and Monday 2.3 our service center will be closed at 01:00 due to system upgrade.

Friday/Jewish holiday evening From 04:00 AM - 15:30

Saturday/Jewish holiday
60 minutes upon the conclusion of Sabbath / holiday till 01:00 (1 hour after midnight

Customer Service Center. Dial *2800 or +972-3-6948888 Fax: +972-3-9141988 SMS service for hearing impaired: +972-528944887

The list of Egged offices, central transportation facilities and service desks accessible for persons with disabilities

The list of accessibility arrangements in central transport facilities owned and operated by Egged


Name of Facility
Address Accessible Entrance
Accessible Service Desk
Accessible W/C
Kiryat Shmona
Arlozorov St
yes yes no
Afula Sprinzak/Kehilat Tsiyon St
yes yes yes
Hadera Ahad Ha-Am St
yes yes yes
Eilat 12 Sderot Ha-Tmarim St
yes yes yes
Kfar Saba
153 Weizman St
yes yes yes
Haifa Merkazit Hof Ha-Karmel
1 Ha-Zore'a St
yes yes yes
Kiryat Gat
Sderot Ha-Atsma'ut
yes yes yes
Lod He-Haluts/1 Uzi'el St yes yes yes
1 Ha-Shinhav St
yes yes yes
Accessibility arrangements in central transport facilities owned and operated by Egged


Eilatomats are accessible for persons with disabilities:

  • Afula CBS
  • Be'er Sheva CBS
  • Eilat CBS
  • Hadera CBS
  • Haifa, Hof Ha-Karmel Bus Station
  • Haifa, Merkazit Ha-Mifrats Station
  • Hatsor Ha-Glilit CBS
  • Kiryat Shmona CBS
  • Netanya CBS
  • Rehovot CBS
  • Rishon Le-Tsiyon CBS
  • Tel Aviv CBS
  • Tel Aviv, Arlozorov Terminal (2000 Terminal)

Our accessible low-floor city buses equipped with:

  • Adapted signposts and accessibility symbols
  • Physical access control: door and ramp width, securement and clamp equipment and etc.
  • Priority accessible seating
  • Audible announcement 
  • Training for drivers
  • Allowed access with service animals

You can contact our Customer Service Center, indicate the bus route number you want to use and at what time, and the Center will provide you with information concerning the level of accessibility.

Declaration of website ( accessibility

Egged is committed to providing a website that is accessible to people with disabilities. Accessible website is more usable and convenient for people with disabilities. This site is built to conform to level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0  in accordance with The "Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Act" 2013, Israeli Standard #5568.

Accessibility for keyboard users:

  • The navigation through the website via keyboard is possible in the following way: pressing the Tab key will move you to the next link, and pressing the Enter key will open the link
  • The first link on each page titled "Skip to Main Content" which can be reached by pressing Tab key, will allow screen reader users to go directly to the main content area  

Skip links
This will help to keyboard and low-vision users. The header in each page shows links to the main sections which can be reached by pressing Tab key or keyboard shortcuts. To access various sections in the page, press ALT key and shortcut key simultaneously (Mac users press ALT Ctrl keys + shortcut key). To navigate t

  • page content – use shortcut key #1
  • menu -  use shortcut key #2
  • top of the page - use shortcut key #3
  • site map - use shortcut key #4
  • contact us - use shortcut key #5

Accessibility for visually impaired users:

  • using website colors with high contrast to improve readability for people with visual impairment
  • allowing to change font size – users can increase and decrease font size by clicking on font size at top of the screen
  • allowing to change page display using the Zoom option of the browser. To increase font size hit Ctrl +. To decrease font size hit Ctrl -

Accessibility for blind users:
The website is built to be used by screen reader users and includes:

  • Headers
  • Alternative text for images
  • Dividing the website into navigation and content areas and the possibility of switching between them
  • Using ARIA to help screen readers and other assistive technologies to better understand the elements on a web page


  • Information System providing route schedule information is under the process for implementing accessibility.
  • Online - Ticket Reservation System is under the process for implementing accessibility. 
  • Student Pass Online-System  is under the process for implementing accessibility. 
  • Egged website mobile version is under the process for implementing accessibility.


Accessibility for people with disabilities

For purchasing the accessible transfer to Ramon airport please apply to this phone number 03-9143737 or this email:
Please fill in the desired boarding time, choosing one of the available options from the actual 30th and 50th routes schedule. You can pick any of the available stops, including the central bus station.
Please fill in the following data:
  • The desired bus route - 30 or 50
  • The desired bus stop - any of the available bus stops for this particular route
  • The desired boarding time - please pick one from the route schedule
  • Personal information - Name, phone number and e-mail
  • Your flight number - for the case of it's delay
It is highly recommended to purchase the accessible transfer in advance. However, it is still possible to purchase the accessible transfer 30 minutes before the desired boarding time, following the same rules above.

Traveling with guide/service dogs

  • Guide dogs accompanying blind persons if they are kept on a leash. Guide dogs are allowed to travel on public transportation without a muzzle
  • Guide dogs during their training period will not be charged if they board with an instructor. Dogs must wear the vest  “Guide dog in training” (כלב נחיה באימון). Dog's instructor will be charged full fare
  • Service dogs are allowed to travel on a leash without a muzzle, the dog must be provided with an appropriate certificate, given by a "dog school" or "Israeli center of service dogs".

Discounts for blind/disabled people and their attendants

Persons with disabilities, holding the certificate issued by the Israel Ministry of Defense or by the National Insurance Institute (Bituah Leumi) are entitled to a 33% discount on ticket fare. Discounts are only possible through using Personal Rav Kav with the appropriate profile loaded with a multi-trip ticket or accumulated value

Blind Persons

Blind passengers holding the Discount Certificate issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services can travel free of charge. Persons escorting blinds are entitled to a 50% discount in compliance with the table of fares and discounts

Contact us

In case you are facing any kind of problem related to accessibility, you can contact our Mr. Hemi Hershkovic:
  • Phone: 04-8549597
  • Fax: 03-9141926
  • Email:
  • Address: Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society. Sderot Menahem Begin 5, Beit Dagan, P.O.B. 150, 5020000 (Chairman's Dep.)

Click for Contact Us Page

You can reach us using contacts forms on the Contact Us page:
  • Complaints and public enquiries handling by the Public Enquiries Dept.
  • Lost property reporting 
  • Public enquiries handling by the Insurance Dept.
  • Online Penalty Payment
  • Request for refund (on Eilat, Galilee and Dead Sea routes)
  • Public enquiries for Student Pass
  • Request for Student Pass cancellation
  • Public enquiries related to bus loudspeaker system